Why do yoga?

You might already now that Yoga is proven to...

  • Clear the mind and improve focus

  • Improve posture;

  • Reduce risk of heart disease;

  • Help boost immune system.

  • Decrease stress

  • Help manage weight

  • Lower cholesterol & blood pressure

  • Improve sleep



But did you know that by adopting a consistent yoga practice you can...

  • Increase muscle strength by 12% after 16 classes;

  • Increase flexibility by 35% after 8 weeks;

  • Decrease lactic acid in muscles and decrease joint pain;

  • Increase metabolism an improve digestions;

  • Maximize mental control;

  • Improve balance and coordination; and

  • Make youself happy...by triggering the release of the oxytocin hormone which then fills the body with feelings of happiness.


But it doesn't stop there.  Yoga is incredibly beneficial to ATHLETES in many ways.  It enhances joint and muscle pliancy creating muscular flexibility.  It allows the opportunity for the fascia to stretch which promotes muscle growth potential.  It builds core strength while it helps to align the spine which helps to prevent injury.  Yoga also develops respiratory health by strengthening the lungs which increases endurance.