Using Yoga for Team Building takes the benefits of Corporate Yoga and the Wellness Programs even farther.  If your expectations go beyond just creating a well-balanced, happy, focused individual, then our Team Building program is for you!

BODY4YOGA'S Team Building Yoga Program instills the fundamentals in creating a high-performing, problem solving, and motivated team.  This program is specifically structured to build employee morale and community within the workplace while promoting better physical and mental health.

This workshop is designed to include specific objectives and goals towards the four stages of Team Building from Development, Problem Solving, Trust Building and Individual Excellence and Specialism.  Each portion of the workshop is created to promote unity utilizing yoga as the process to guide a group of many into a cohesive unit of one.


Pricing for Team Building varies between “on-site” and “in house” as well as depending on the size of the team.  Please call us directly for details.